Reduce waste disposal costs with a glass crusher.

mass loop

Pay 5 times less for the disposal of glass waste.

The crusher reduces the volume of glass waste, and you pay five times lower bills for its disposal.

How much will you save?

The calculation is easy.

How many bottle bins do you fill per month?

How much do you pay for the disposal of a single bottle bin?

Thanks to the crusher, you will save 3840 € annually.

How will you spend your saved money?

Does that sound good? Stay tuned. We are just getting started!

Poof! 60 bottles disappear from the back room.

You can get rid of up to 60 bottles during a single crushing. You regain space and restore order in your back room. Bye, bye messy back room.

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A teeny-tiny device.

The ergonomic bucket is similar in size to an average dishwasher. You will easily fit it in the back room, under the sink or bar counter. You can even place it in a room with the guests. Because it is that beautiful. And quiet.

mass loop

It's just a little crush

This is quite simple. You put bottles into the bucket, close the lid and push the button. And 10 seconds is enough to crush the glass.


That's how long it takes to crush

One to rule them all. Safely.

The One and Only Button – almighty and powerful. Everything starts and ends with it. Push it and worry no more

mass loop
years warranty

Save 3840 euro annually with a device that looks great and works even better.

benefits benefits benefits

How will you spend your saved money?

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Can I turn the crushing on, if the tray is not full?
Yes, you can – if you really have to. But remember that crushing with full tray-loading is the most economical option – it is better to fill the bucket completely and crush as much as possible in one go.
Can the cullet in a drawer spill over?
We have installed a weight sensor in the crusher’s collection box. When the crushed glass reaches the maximum permissible weight, the crusher will say: ‘Enough!’, i.e. it will simply stop working. It is sufficient to replace the bin liner with a new one in order to continue crushing.
How much does a single portion of crushed glass weigh?
15 kg, i.e. as much as a woman can carry a maximum according to the labour law. What’s the moral of it? That the device can be fully operated by all employees, both male and female.
Will the crusher break down if I turn it on with too many bottles inside?
It won’t break because... you will not turn the crusher on if the lid is not closed.
What about bottle caps, labels and liquids remaining in the bottles?
The crusher is equipped with a sieve that makes it possible to separate bottle caps or cigarettes, pieces of paper, tissues, labels and any other weird stuff customers tend to put inside a bottle from sand. A small amount of liquid won’t hurt the crusher – that is one tough crusher. Though it’s better not to put a full bottle inside – the sand will get wet, and the liquid will cover the sieve or the collection box. Unnecessarily.
How is the cullet portioned and stored in the crusher?
Crushed glass ends up in a bin liner that you will put in the drawer at the bottom of the crusher. Any 60-litre bin liner available in shops will do. Thanks to that, there is no dust or other residue from the crushing. Yet another step to keeping it clean in the back room.
Does the crusher crush any kind of glass?
It will crush bottles, cups, glasses, jars and other so-called post-consumer waste, i.e. everything you use on a daily basis at your premises.